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Three years ago we made a cross country move from Florida to Minnesota. While receiving quotes from various moving companies, one of the questions I asked the representatives was whether employees were background checked. I was assured they were.

Upon completion of our move, I realized my wedding ring valued at $14,000 and an emerald ring valued at $500 were missing. I reported it to the sheriff's department. They were told by the moving company that they would handle the investigation.

Many weeks went by and I finally got a letter telling me that their employees did not take my jewelry and they were not responsible for my loss. I later learned that the background checks were done at the time of the loss.

TransAmerica (Allied's insurance company) was paid by us to cover the load, which did arrive safely. The jewelry was not part of the load and taken during the chaos of the move. We were taken advantage of and further violated by the lack of consideration when a large insurance company has the lawyers I can't afford to fight. I contacted lawyers and was told it would take more money to fight it than it was worth.

The diamond ring was bought for me on our 15th anniversary to celebrate many hardships we have been through including battling childhood cancer with one of our daughters. I hope who ever took these items from us deserves them more than we did.

I has been three years and I am still beating myself up over it. The jewelry was not on my hands because I was hoping to protect it from damage while moving items and unpacking boxes. I will never hire Allied Van Lines again for the way they handled this incident. Also, to the person who felt they needed to take MY history and put it in their pocket, I hope it means as much to you as it did to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Allied Van Lines Moving Service.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Poor excuse for a human whoever did this to you and stole your precious ring, may God forgive him for his sins


As time moves on, we have had to put this incident behind us. I would delete this posting if this website offered that option.

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #817418

I can corroborate Allied Agent's comment. I won't say how I know or why I know but the background investigation into any Allied qualified driver is quite intensive.

Likely hired help that wasn't qualified or registered with Allied...

and they know that's against the rules.

Very sorry to hear about your experience.


Im not going to argue with how you found out about the backround check at time of incident as i cant say if it was done or not but all of our employees are heavily screened,more than any company i have been a part of. If there wasnt a local office near you there is a good chance the driver used local labor from another moving company closer to your area who may or may not have as stringent backround checks as allied.


TransGuard General Agency along with Allied is the name of the insurance company whom was unwilling to cover this loss. Tried to edit my complaint, but was too late so added this comment. Want to make sure proper credit is given where credit is due!

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