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I understand that things happen during a move, but they completely destroyed my king sized sleigh bed and an electric fireplace. They broke two picture frames, and left sever gouges in my queen sized sleigh bed and my dresser. Oh, and some china is missing.

Their offer? Some knock-off headboard that they found on a Wayfair website. Not even close to the original furniture sets in quality, but more importantly, they DON'T EVEN MATCH MY FURNITURE SETS!!!

It took a while, but I produced receipts. Now, the whole thing has to go to their 'review board' which will take another 30-45 days. If I cash their low-ball settlement check, they are supposedly off the hook.

I thought these guys were professionals - I guess they are, professional *** artists.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #1198073

We moved 7 months ago and we have things missing. I can't get a hold of them.

The contact phone number is out of order. I hope they went out of business. They estimated 14,000 lbs and we had 18000 lbs. The truck that came couldn't get it all on his truck so at the end of a very long day, they sent a small truck.

It was sent to the warehouse not the destination and took another month to get stuff. Then they had to download the 9th (we said we couldn't before the 11th) so we did into a home that wasn't yet ours. now we are still finding things that just disappeared.

Missing boxes. Terrible company!

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